{I am strong} and this is why…

{I am strong} and this is why…

i am strongI am strong because my son was born at 39wks 5days & everything seemed normal.

I am strong because I spent my first week home on bed rest.

I am strong because my 2nd & 3rd week home I had bronchitis, laryngitis & a bladder infection.

I’m strong because at his one month check up Elijah was diagnosed with laryngomalacia & reflux.

I am strong because for the past two weeks I’ve been in and out of the hospital with him due to his laryngomalacia; he’s currently failure to thrive and facing a larynx surgery. We find out more tomorrow.

I am strong because my fiancé decided to break off our relationship shortly before our hospital stay. I am now a single mommy pulling double duty with my sick 7wk old. I will be finding out when his surgery will be once we see the pediatric ENT tomorrow.

I’m strong because I have had to add 24cal formula to my break milk and pump to feed him.

I am a strong momma & he is a strong little boy!

{Tiffany H.}

15 thoughts on “{I am strong} and this is why…

  1. You are a strong mamma. All the best of luck in your baby’s surgery. Keep strong and everything is going to turn out find and this will pass.

  2. Tiffany. You are right…you are one strong momma. And your boy is one blessed little boy to have you. Praying there are people around you to hold you up. All he best. Would you somehow let us I is how he (& you!) are doing??

  3. He is beautiful and you are so strong! You guys will pull through this and at some point be able to look back and say wow son we did that! Your strong because you are a mom. Your son is strong because he’s got a Mom that is a strong fighter that is going to stand strong for him, but most importantly he’s going to fight for YOU!

  4. You are strong! I have a baby with LM (Laryngo-malacia) also. There is an amazing support group on facebook. Coping With Laryngomalacia. You should check it out or feel free to email me my daughter is 17 months. triciafreeman06@gmail.com

  5. My daughter too had laryngomalacia & reflux, I won’t lie and say it was easy, but you’ve got the right mind set to handle this!! Stay Strong, Mama!!! Best of Luck to you and that sweet little man of yours!!

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