10 Things I’ve Discovered in 10 Days Off Facebook

As many of you know, I went off Facebook last week. I don’t care if anyone else is on it, I care that I was. FB is absolutely brilliant at sucking people in. What was supposed to be a convienent way of staying in touch with friends and family has turned into an adult playground fight {regular meeting times at the flagpole}. While there are things I’ve loved about my few years on it (making friends, supporting women, growing BWF readership, etc), there is more negative than good at this point.

*Steps off soapbox*

So I left and discovered the world without Facebook once again. Here is what I discovered the last 10 days…

Time. All the things I thought I didn’t have time for, I did. I was just mismanaging my days. I now blog more {as you can see with the kazillion posts on the blog the last 10 days} and I enjoy it. I love blogging, sharing info and supporting women this way. The BWF Blog is mine. I own it, no one can take it away. I refer to it as the ‘meat and potatoes’ of what it’s all really about. Sharing info that is always there, searchable and reaching thousands.

Uh, I discovered that my blog looks A-MAZING in Google Reader. Yes, I took the time to subscribe to my own blog and check out how it looks/reads. I approve. Subscribe and you won’t miss a thing!

I really can work out and I can do so while hanging out with my kids thanks to the highly active Wiggles DVD’s we own. Read more here on that craziness.

I finally sat down and used the awesome lamiator I bought. Every mom should have a laminator in the house. I am in love.

I really am capable of making chore and reward charts, busy bags and activities for my kids. And they are laminated!

I have been reading more again. I love to read, but being on the computer was taking up any reading time. I just love to get lost in a story and use my brain to imagine the world I’m reading about.

My mop. Not kidding. I discovered my mop. My floors were happy to see it.

I learned I’d spend hours and hours looking for our lost cat. She was our first family pet, a stray that adopted us, and she is lost. Please pray we find her. She is such a rad cat.


That I really should be in pictures with my kids…even if I hate how much PP weight I have gained. I finally read that blog post about moms needing to be IN the pictures. I thought about it and I’m never in pics since I had Mini. I hate how I look b/c of the all the weight I gained after I had him. However, I won’t always have this weight and am I not supposed to be in a picture with my kids for a few years because of it? They sure don’t care. So here I am {you know I don’t share a lot of pics of myself or my kiddos} on a girls trip with my oldest. A sweet pic and a pic of us totally making fun of the ‘duck face’. Ha! We were cracking up and we had such a blast making lifetime memories on that trip.

The biggest thing I’m discovering is…me. My true self. FB/BWF had sucked me in so hard that I was literally losing myself. I wasn’t as kind or thoughtful, I wasn’t taking care of me and my family first. I was giving all I had to others. I’m giving more to me now and it feels great. I can give to me, my family, my faith and others. It works out better that way. I love BWF again.

You can read about my 3 rad weeks off of FB here and what I did after a month FB free here.


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