Breastfeeding After a Reduction

by Mrs. BWF on August 2, 2012

Can a woman breastfeed after having a breast reduction? Danialle shares her experience doing just that.

“Your website is beautiful and touching. My daughter is 3 1/2, but reading this made me go back and revisit her birth and all the love
and fear I had! The one thing I’m so glad I did, but wished I had your website for…breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding was something I so strongly wanted to do for my daughter, but there was a cloud of “can I?” hanging over me since I had previously gone through breast reduction surgery in 1996. I thought I had read enough and asked enough questions, but I wasn’t nearly prepared for the struggle once she got here, mixed with my hormones and feelings from her birth in general. It has been hard. Tears, frustration, waiting and some moments of bliss, and hard hard hard work.

Everyday, with the help of a circle of great moms helping, lactation consultants and my own intuition, we’ve got better and better and figured out a decent routine. I’m now expressing actual milk, something I wasn’t ever sure I’d do!

I still can’t breastfeed exclusively as I’m not sure I’m making enough, at least until they give me the all clear at her appointment, but it doesn’t matter. She gets to nurse several times a day and I wouldn’t give that up for the world.

My ability to comfort her and feed her, even a little, makes me so incredibly happy.

I had a breast reduction and felt so unsure! Now I know I can do anything. I even had my sister share her milk to supplement.

Anyways…thought you’d enjoy a pic of me on my first successful time with Adelaide. That grin on my face sums up everything!! Thank you for making women feel amazing (because we totally are!).”


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